Corpus Christi

The Parish was created in 1954 under the Parish Priest Fr. Leonard. A weatherboard structure was moved from St. Augustines to Corpus Christi in February 1942 which was used as a church and school at that time.  There was no priest housing until 1957 when two units were purchased on Geelong Rd which later became the convent for the Sisters of St. Joseph who taught at the school.

The presbytery then was purchased in Duke St, Kingsville, but only temporary until the new presbytery was built on Geelong Rd by Father Vin Cooley.

In March 1962, fire burnt the school and destroyed part of the historic building.

Along with this tragedy, masses were being conducted in woolstores and private houses since 1951 at Brooklyn. The growing population was putting a strain on the Kingsville parish and school so in 1958 Annunciation Church was opened and blessed and doubled as a school on weekdays.

In the late 70s Fr. Aldag was appointed and the Corpus Christi Church was refurbished and sanctuary furniture was provided for Annunciation.

Fr. Thomas Carra was appointed in 1988 after being a curate 1977-8 and the church was in need of maintenance. A new church was desperately needed and Father Carra led the challenge to make this happen.

Approval was given on the feast day of Corpus  Christi  1990, from the Archdiocese and a year later the church was opened on June 1, 1991.

Designed by Smith and Tracey and built by Van Dort and Sons the New Corpus Christi Church is a single nave, steel framed brookwork building of strong simplicity, resembling a tradional basilica.

Its main outside feature is a tower incorporating the cross. The west wall is a full-length stained glass featuring the last supper, being the creation of a Melbourne artist Christopher John. Other stained-glass windows designed by him also feature in the church. Most of the furniture and fixtures are from the old church and many generous parishioners donated to help with any other needs of the church.

Fr. Trac Nguyen is Parish Administrator for Corpus Christi, St. Augustines and Annunciation Churches.

Corpus Christi